In-Home Fitness & Outdoor Workshops

san diego weight loss coachEvery client receives:

  • Body composition and fitness evaluation
  • In-home fitness and health training to individuals, groups and couples
  • The use of my personal exercise equipment that I bring to you for varied and fun workouts - except with online training
  • An individual program that includes cardiovascular, strength and flexibility work based on your individual needs, goals and fitness level
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you make the lifestyle change to lose weight, get fit and stay that way!

san diego weightloss coachFitness & Healthy Lifestyle Options:

Online Fitness Training. This will allow you to get fit with online fitness training programs. This is ideal when it's not convenient to meet in person. Meet your fitness goals with "e-fitness" for online personal training. Check it out.

Hiking Workout - See some of San Diego’s most beautiful views while getting an awesome workout. I incorporate strength training into a fun hike. Individual or group hikes available. All levels welcome!

Grocery Shopping Tours - Learn how to shop with your nutrition in mind by learning how to read labels and the marketing tricks food companies use to deceive us. Discover what’s REALLY going into your body!