Online Fitness Training Programs

Do you already have the motivation but need a little change up from time to time in your workouts? Or maybe you feel like you are doing all the exercise you can do and eating all the right foods but are still feeling sluggish and can't get those last 10 lbs off.

With online personal training you get a workout designed for you by a personal trainer and you can choose which package suits your needs based on how much coaching you would like.

Online Fitness Features:

  • An online personal trainer designing your workouts
  • Daily food log - you can add your favorites
  • Calendar that specifies which workouts to do on which days
  • Each exercise is demonstrated with a video (female or male versions!)
  • Contact with your personal trainer via private emails or text
  • A personal fitness analysis

Use this link to sign up for online personal training:

Karen Rapien Fitness - eFitnessTracker

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